I have to run to work to help the new person close bc she’s freaking out and fucking up the safes and shit so I’LL BE BACK IN LIKE…45 MINUTES???

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          “A dollar? Anything will do,” Jael called out to the older gentleman who had passed her by without even a look. It was useless today—Nobody was biting and Jael’s stomach was screaming at her for it. Shoplifting a candy bar or two was always an option but it was always that option that Jael hated. She wasn’t a bad person—She was just in a bad place. It was with a huff that the girl leaned back against the building before sliding down it entirely, bringing herself down into a comfortable sitting position. “Thanks for nothing,” the brunette mumbled, lowering her head to watch her fiddling fingers in her lap.
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      ☼———— Shoving his fists in his jacket pocket, Avi groaned as he heard thunder boom, seemingly a big ass sound system surrounding him in the obnoxious rhythm. The sky darkened, and the air became moist, just like it always did right before rain would come, and just like that, out of nowhere, it began to pour. He wasn’t even anywhere near his flat. “Greeeat,” Avi moaned to himself sarcastically as he trekked up the hill, his thick brows furrowed and nearly covering the brightness of his vibrant green eyes. This sudden grumpiness Avi rarely even has falters completely when he sees a familiar face in the near distance. Well, she wasn’t too familiar. Hell, he didn’t even know the girl’s name, but he seen her often, on that same sidewalk strip, either begging for change or trying to duck the rain, like now. He held in a sigh because he didn’t like to see people struggle. Especially not a young woman, who he doubts did anything to put herself in this predicament. Life was shitty like that sometimes though. “Hey,” he called, jogging the rest of the distance to the young woman, and casually taking a seat next to her as if he’d known her for years, “I thought you moved into the shelter last week. What happened?”


          The loud hey caught Jael’s attention immediately. Her gaze shifted from the stormy skies above to the male who was jogging her way. Immediately, she was on edge—Half expected to get yelled at for parking her self in that very spot. But her shoulders relaxed when he came closer and the semi-familiar face came into view. While she didn’t know him, she had seen him countless times along that very street. She was good with faces, after all. Slender arms curled around her legs that were pulled to her chest as the male sat next to her on the pavement. “I—Yeah…I did,” She answered, her voice laced with confusion. She was in disbelief that someone actually remembered the countless times she had been in and out of the shelter and it was with a cautious smile that she looked his way. “—But shelters never were my thing. Y’know, being cramped up with strangers and what not,” She explained slowly with a subtle shrug of her shoulders. It was a sad day when she’d rather spend her time on the streets, risking her life out there than to rely on a shelter to keep her fed and warm. “Even with storms, it’s better out here.”
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Idk what’s going on but I have MAD JAEL MUSE with this alt fc I have going on so if anyone wants to interact with her, please shoot me a message or something!


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Oh Miranda Cates, you are falling for the wolf! 💗💗💗

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          The rain was always a real bitch to endure, especially when the shops had made it very clear that Jael wasn’t welcome. Tucked underneath the ledge of one of the buildings, the blonde curled her legs up as tightly as she could to keep her worn boots from being impacted by the storm that hung over the city. She would wait it out and endure the pity stares that came along with her situation. She always did.
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     Danielle smiled and blushed when he brought her hand up to his mouth and shook her head, “—You’re such a sap.” She breathed, shaking her head once again. She leaned against him and then hummed happily, “Yes, I would love that. That sounds delicious.” She said, placing her head on his shoulder. 


          A nonchalant shrug of Nero’s shoulders came before he spoke. “Would you have me any other way?” He questioned, quirking a brow lightly. It was instantaneous that he pressed a kiss against her head as she leaned it against him. “I’m glad we came out here. It’s nice to get out of the city,” He admitted with a happy sigh.
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/heavy breathing come to meeeee
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